Thursday, December 18, 2008

U.S. Moral Authority

A mainland Chinese government official jokingly asked an American visitor whether the U.S. needed any help running Communist-style state-owned companies and building infrastructure. "We have experience at that," the Chinese official said.

Where is the U.S. headed?

Moral leadership is expressed not during the "good times," but when the chips are down.

The Scripture speaks of the righteous man fulfilling his oath "even when it hurts" (Psalm 15:4). That is righteousness. Not when you fulfill your word and it "costs you nothing."


I get the sense that "we" in the U.S. are not willing to do much unless it "costs us nothing."

--For more on U.S. Moral Authority--or lack thereof--see U.S. Moral Authority Takes Another Hit by Robyn Meredith.
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