Saturday, December 13, 2008

"All roads do not lead to God, but . . ."

I received a copy of the Christmas letter sent by some friends of ours who are working with Frontiers, the mission to Muslims.

The husband wrote about attending a Sunday school class at his church where
they were teaching about all the things the Qur’an teaches about Jesus. For instance did you know that the Qur'an teaches that:
  1. Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary.
  2. Jesus is righteous.
  3. Jesus is sinless.
  4. Jesus performed miracles.
  5. Jesus is a word from God.
  6. Jesus is alive in heaven today.
  7. Jesus will return to earth on the Day of Judgment.
  8. Jesus' name is Messiah and he is a mercy from God.
And much, much more. . .
My friend continued,
In many places where we have workers many Muslims are finding Jesus in their own Qur'ans. They are also finding him through dreams, visions and miracles.

It is like a great quote I once heard, "All roads do not lead to God but God can be found walking on all roads." Praise God He is bringing His good news to distant lands and allows us to get involved with Him.
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