Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gorgeous and hilarious music . . . if you're into Star Wars

Brilliant 4:10 lip-sync of Moosebutter's a capella tribute to John Williams, composer of many of the great and/or famous film scores of the past 40 years, including Valley of the Dolls; Goodbye, Mr. Chips; The Poseidon Adventure; Jaws; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; the entire Star Wars series; Superman; the Indiana Jones series; E.T.; Jurassic Park; Schindler's List; and many, many more.

Moosebutter comments: "Corey Vidal put up a video version of this song. More people saw it on the internet than probably ever saw any of our other videos on the internet." And, they say, "If you came [to our page] because you saw Corey's video, celebrate by eating some candy corn! It's on us."

And with the great job Corey did, Moosebutter decided to make their own, original, 4:35 version:

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