Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Geese taking off in 1200 fps slo-mo

The Casio Exilim F1 camera takes up to 1200 frames per second (fps) . . . which can create some mind-blowingly gorgeous images, even if they are grainy.

Check out these geese "walking on water" as they take off from a pond.

And then, perhaps, gaze in wonder--as I did--when I realized their "landing gear" had suddenly become completely contained in their beautiful, aerodynamic "airframes."

And then there's this video of creatures in the backyard . . . truly astonishing sights at 300 fps to 600 fps. The videographer comments,
Last weekend I went looking for fast-moving objects to capture in slow-mo, and in my backyard I came up with a freakin' menagerie of unexpectedly interesting little beasties.

Everything is a twitch here, a blur there—you have to realize that this whole two-minute video consists of just 10 to 12 seconds of real life, shown at 300fps or 600fps.

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