Sunday, October 05, 2008

Web helps people connect

For me, the web has created tremendous opportunities for connection across miles, continents, and cultures. As a friend of mine pointed out, we--pretty much all of us who are connected to the web and/or who do business with those who are connected to the web--are able to do things unimaginable to people who lived only a few years ago. We can source products from halfway around the world, acquire services from people we have never met, give feedback to service providers (artists, for example) within mere hours--feedback that would have taken weeks only ten years ago....

Now, thanks to my friend Paul Merrill, I have found a new way that the web can bring people together.

This video is well worth the 2:50 it will take you to watch it. "How WordPress Has Changed My Life" by Glenda Watson Hyatt, "The Left Thumb Blogger":

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