Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kolbe Presidential Survey

Fascinating "take" on the two major party presidential candidates. And here I've had the invitation letter sitting in my in-box, unopened, for a week and a half.

We all bring our instinctive, conative talents to our jobs. John McCain and Barack Obama are no exception, but do we know who they are?

Kolbe Corp's new website, www.presidentialinstincts.com, is a fun way for you to say how you think the candidates solve problems, and to see what others are saying.

Although we're sprinkling some science into our approach, we aren't claiming the results are scientific – just compelling. You can see how other people voted based on age, gender, race and who they plan to vote for in the election. Since the results are continuously updated, you'll be able to see any potential shifts in the electorate as we get closer to Election Day.

We aren't endorsing or supporting either candidate. We're just curious to see how you and others view them. You can decide whether you agree or disagree with the results, and whether it will affect your vote on November 4th. We hope that by focusing on instinctive talents, people who visit the survey can find something positive about both candidates.

Maybe Senators Obama and McCain will take us up on our offer to get their Kolbe results for free so each can better understand this part of what will drive his success should he have the honor of being our next President.

I encourage you to take a moment to cast your ballot at www.presidentialinstincts.com. It will change the way you look at selecting people for a job, including the upcoming opening in the Oval Office.


David Kolbe
CEO, Kolbe Corp
Check it out!

Our firm uses the Kolbe A test to evaluate new managers. It really is revealing. And as I "took the test" for Obama and McCain, I was shocked at my responses . . . but/and I think the answers helped me to understand a bit better why I feel as I do about the two candidates.

Sorry. You've only got a few hours before the "test" will be completed.
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