Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarita gets on the radio!

Sarah Harnisch, a Sonlight mom--and a participant, with her kids, in the Sonlight Curriculum Rice Bag Project--is a newscaster with Family Life Network. She was doing a story on what is happening in Orissa State. In the middle of an interview with Dave Stravers, President of Mission India. . . .

Well, let me quote what Dave wrote to Sarita and me early last Thursday morning:
I was doing a radio interview a few minutes ago with the Family Life Network in New York and surrounding states -- about 60 radio stations. In the middle of the interview, the interviewer, Sarah, suddenly exclaimed: "Oh my, are you the people my children are doing the rice bags with our home school curriculum?" She was so excited.

[I knew immediately who she was talking about: "So you're a Sonlighter!"]

She went on and on about how great the rice bag project was, how much she had been blessed, how excited her children were to receive the packets that we sent to them, how they cried when they watched the video, etc....

I don't recall how we decided to follow through. But somehow we heard that Sarah would like to do an interview with someone from Sonlight about how our company got involved in the Rice Bag Project.

So Sarita called early on Monday morning . . . and the interviews here are the result.

Cool stuff!

(Sarita's portion of the program begins at 0:43 into Part II.)
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