Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Improving your health

Here's another great TED video--a simple, quick summary of much of what my Vitality and Longevity doctor has been telling me over the last couple of months: Cardiovascular disease kills more people than everything else combined -- and it’s completely preventable in almost all cases. Indeed, it's reversible with correct diet.

Dr. Dean Ornish, clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco, summarizes the benefits of a healthy diet . . . and explains what's involved. Recorded in 2004, but just uploaded to the web this month.

I love the last line: a student asked his teacher, "Teacher, what is the difference between illness and wellness?"

The teacher wrote the two words on the board and circled the first letter of illness and the first two letters of wellness.

The one references I, by myself. The other references we, together. I, by myself, am very much more likely to be ill. We, together, can be whole and well. . . .

Good stuff.


Don't have time to watch a 16-minute video?

Try this 3-minute brief summary of the overall idea:

And one more: "Your genes are not your fate."
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