Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sick unto death of the election?

Perhaps you'd like to listen to this booming "country 'n' western" view from

The Man in the Middle by . . . actually, I don't know his name . . . other than he goes by "Big Bison." But he's a Sonlight dad and he did it with one of his buddies. (It's "Big Bison" who does the singing.)

I wrote to "Mrs. Big Bison":
I hope they release it nationally . . . and soon!

It's great!

Maybe it could do as well as Snoopy for President did back in '68. (Sorry. The poster seems to have cut the phrase "in '68" right at the beginning of the song. It originally said, "The time had come in '68 to elect a president. . . ." --You can hear a slight "skip" in the music from where the editor chopped that reference out.)
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