Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Momma is home . . .

Sorry. I keep falling behind in my reporting.

Jonelle and Dave came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon to a very happy daughter Natalia.

Jonelle is doing wonderfully. She and Dave are now making arrangements to go up and visit Gracie Lou every day--separately--so they can continue with all their other responsibilities in life as well as stay in touch with Gracie Lou.

Jonelle said she was able to rest her hand on Gracie Lou . . . indeed, she was encouraged to touch her . . . Sunday night/Monday morning.

"I was up at about 2 o'clock [Monday morning] and I went in to the NICU and her nurse told me it is a good thing for me to touch her. So I just laid my hand on her head and across her legs. . . .

"The nurse said that when parents do that, all the baby's vital signs immediately settle down."

And, apparently, according to the nurse, it is not just being touched and held by anyone, period, that makes the difference. Babies, apparently, can discern the difference between their parents' hands and other people's hands.

"The nurse said that, in about a week, when they remove the lines from Gracie Lou's belly and insert them into her arm, I will be able--in fact, they will want me--to pick Gracie Lou up and hold her against my chest," said Jonelle.

We look forward to that day!

I know I am writing to far more people than I can write to individually, so I hope you will receive my thanks personally and individually: If and as you have been praying for Gracie Lou and her parents--and even Sarita and me and her other grandparents: thank you. And thank you for your well wishes.
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