Monday, April 26, 2010

Gracie Lou: Dave & Jonelle are on the way to the hospital for the second time . . .

"Gracie Lou is sinking fast. We cannot get her vital signs to stabilize."

They received a call like that at 6:30 last evening, in the middle of dinner and raced to the hospital. But a shot of epinephrine helped bring her around.

They received another call like that at around 1:00 this morning (I'm guessing).

Sarita and I received a call from Jonelle just 10 minutes ago or so: "Dave and I are on the way to the hospital."

I don't know how much more of this kind of craziness we all can take. At this point, Gracie Lou suffers an "event" every time her diaper is changed.The hospital has deliberately chosen to extend the time between her "care" so as to reduce the frequency of these events. But as they seem to be becoming successively more and more destructive . . .

"Lord, what You will do, do quickly!" I prayed with Jonelle just now.

Good night.
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