Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Free magazine offer . . .

I sent the following email to a bunch of my friends a few weeks ago . . . and then, just now, as I was copying it to another friend, I realized I should have posted this on my blog.

So here goes (quoting my email):

Thought you might be interested in this “deal.”

As you may or may not know, Sarita and I used to subscribe to the Economist. An absolutely wonderful news magazine. Love(d) it. Except it is/was just too thick. We couldn't keep up. Boy! It kept us informed, but . . .

We've been subscribed “forever” to World magazine for a good Christian perspective on news worldwide (though heavily U.S.-centered).

About a year ago or so, however, our investment advisor at the time introduced me to The Week. I love it—and loved it from the start. It seems like “just the right size,” covers just about every subject (international and U.S. news; business, politics, science, sports, books, film, music, arts, popular culture . . . , and, every issue, a thought-provoking “Last Word” article at the end), and—while we continued to receive the Economist, I was impressed to realize that many of the articles I saw in the Economist had already been covered a week before in The Week. Plus—and this is big for me—they seem to offer a very nice balance of reporting and commentary from both liberal and conservative perspectives. (Very rare, in my experience.) –You get to hear what people on “both” (or [almost] “all”) sides of an issue—again, both U.S./national as well as international—are saying.

42 pages long. National and international news.

We get it Friday afternoon and I've usually devoured it within 24 hours.


Well . . . They said I could offer friends a four-issue, free subscription if they (i.e., you!) wanted to click-through from the link below. And when I clicked through to see what the deal really was, it turns out, if you want to extend the subscription, you can get 25 issues for $24.95--$1 a week . . . which is pretty much the best I've seen.

What a deal.

If you're interested.


All you need to know about everything that matters.

Dear John Holzmann,

As a current subscriber to The Week, you already know what a great source of global news and information it is. So why not pass it along to your friends? Each friend you send this offer to will have the chance to sign up and try The Week, risk-free, for four issues.

Simply forward this email to the friends you would like to try The Week.

We suggest changing the subject line to "John Holzmann has given you a friend referral" to ensure that they open the email.

I'm giving you a Friend Referral to The Week!
I'm a current subscriber to The Week, and I thought you'd like a chance to try it out, risk-free. If you sign up today, you'll get 4 issues FREE. Just click on the link below!


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