Monday, April 26, 2010

Gracie Lou: Just got off the phone with Jonelle . . .

"She's stable, but her oxygen is in the 60s, which is not a sustainable situation. They have her on everything they can possibly give her. 100% oxygen. At the highest pressure. They stopped giving her the [bicarb] at 5:15. They said it would take another hour or two for that to wear off. But she is still hanging in there.

"We have said, 'Lord, what You will do, do quickly. Either heal her or let her go. Peacefully. Quickly. Let it not be in the midst of some kind of crisis. If we are to rejoice, then let us rejoice. If we are to grieve, then let us grieve. But don't prolong this!"

The NICU lifted its ban on siblings coming to visit as of 15 minutes ago--8 o'clock this morning.

If Gracie Lou is still hanging in there in another hour or two, Jonelle said, and as long as they haven't simply put Gracie Lou on Jonelle's chest to die--"Why don't you bring Natalia up so she can meet her sister?"

. . . So that's the latest.
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