Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Editorial license

Somehow, I saw this t-shirt design . . .

. . . and was reminded of my complaint) about Answers in Genesis' "correction" of their "error" in handling Spurgeon's 30th sermon. (Click on this link, then do a search on Mark Looy to discover why I put the word error in quotes.)

Interesting: Someone--whoever controls their website--has now revised AiG's revised version of Spurgeon's sermon further.

In some ways, I'd say it is an improvement over the previous emendation. They have removed their two rewritten sentences that changed Spurgeon's obvious old-earth "Gapism" to a young-earth creationism in six 24-hour days.

I would say that is an improvement.

But it the fact that they removed four highly telling sentences and noted their revision solely with a virtually unnoticeable footnote-- . . . I'd say that is just as misleading as my illustration, above, shows.

Supposing you are a footnote-reading scholar, however, at least you have the good probability of being able to tell what they have done to the text.

--I've made the entire screenshot, above, clickable, so you can go to the footnote as it appears on AiG's website.
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