Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Collateral Damage" of the PATRIOT Act

18 May 2009 UPDATE: Ooh! I hate being scammed! . . . --It appears the following story falsely charges the federal government with malfeasance in the arrest of a young man.

Thanks to Luke who brought this to my attention.

Remember how the ever-larger federal government under President Bush was going to protect us all?

See what you think about this story from Granville County, North Carolina, where a 16-year old 10th grade boy, with no police record and no record of any anti-government sympathies, was taken into custody during a late night raid on his home by 10 armed FBI agents and three local police officers in early March.

Since he was arrested under the USA PATRIOT Act, he has no rights. Nor does his mom. Maybe he will have a hearing later this month.


Problem is, they have kept putting off hearings for the last couple of months.

More and more, this stuff pushes me toward Libertarianism.
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