Saturday, November 01, 2008

Don't you just love listening to this guy?

I have noted before how soothing--statesmanly, actually--Obama sounds. Boy! If he were to prove as good in practice as he claims to be in his speeches, I think I could follow this man . . . except for his obvious commitment to a culture of death . . . and his inability--any more than McCain--to explain where he is going to get the funds from to underwrite all his messianic desires. . . .

[And this is why I gagged the entire time I filled in my vote for McCain last week: who will pay for all the ridiculous big-government-will-save-you, liberal, borrow-and-spend policies of the Republicrats who have been running our country for the last eight years? Can't we just throw all the bums out?]

Oh, for more Ron Pauls and Davey Crocketts.

Still, supposing Obama wins next Tuesday, I pray he might prove even half as good in practice as he comes across in his speeches.
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