Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of those products someone should have thought of long ago . . .

Amazing what a creative mind can come up with!

I bumped into this product on the Sonlight Curriculum Sonlighters Club forums . . . and became so intrigued at the benefits, I promptly went to the referenced site and bought one for each of the women in our family for use on our next family outing.

Introducing the pStyle: a device to enable women to pee comfortably standing up . . . which creates all kinds of additional benefits:
  • You can keep your outfit on . . . which means you . . .
    • When you're out-of-doors, you can "take care of business" without having to expose yourself (or potentially exposing yourself) to other people or the elements. (Ever see the guys standing by their cars on the side of a highway? You know what they're doing, but you realize they're being (at least relatively) discrete.)
    • You can "take care of business" without having to grapple with something that is hard to remove such as a ski suit, backpack, or caving suit.
  • If you have trouble sitting or squatting . . . or don't want to sit or squat for some reason (filthy toilet seats in a public restroom, anyone?!?) - you don't have to.
  • Ever been in one of those "restrooms" (Port-a-potty?!?) where you really wish you could get out of there faster? . . . Now you can!
  • No more extra waiting in line for a stall with a door.
  • No need to jump in the water to pee when you're on a boat that lacks a toilet.
  • In sum: It is faster, easier, and safer to pee whenever you need to!
"I took my pStyle on an 8-day river rafting trip where we were required to pee in the river to avoid attracting animals to the campsites," wrote one user. "While all the other women had to squat in the cold water, I was able to stand on the edge of the boat and take care of business."

Check it out at
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