Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Death Clock

I've been working on a "200-year plan" for our family on my StrategicInheritance.com website. In one of my recent posts, "numbering our days"--simply beginning our plan with an acknowledgment of approximately how long we might expect to live . . . and using that estimation as a framework on which to build.

Well, I just found a tool that might provide more accurate numbers. Check out DeathClock.com. You'll find an estimate of your moment of death . . . down to the second.

As the owner of the website suggests, its purpose is to remind you that "life is slipping away . . . second by second" . . . though there are ways, potentially, for you to improve your chances for living longer.

One weakness in the site: it doesn't tell you how many seconds in a week (604,800), a month (approximately 2.5 million), or a year (31.5 million). So I could easily calculate that I'm looking at only about 20 more years, based on somebody's actuarial averages. (That sounds low to me--it has me dying at 74 years of age; but whether it's a bit low or about right, it's eye-opening.)

Even if I live to an "optimistic" age of not-quite-87, it's still eye-opening.

As for potentially extending your life . . . maybe you would like to . . .
  • Quit smoking.

  • Reduce your BMI (Body Mass Index) below 25. [The site even includes a handy BMI calculator.]

  • Or, perhaps--with God's help--you can change your attitude. (Work on becoming more optimistic? --Definitely avoid sadism and/or pessimism!)
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