Saturday, December 03, 2011

Inexpensive, simple Advent Calendar

Sarita went to Cost-Plus/Worldmarket last night with the hope she could find an Advent calendar for our granddaughter. --"Sold out since Black Friday."


But she picked up a small bag of wrapped holiday chocolates, came home and asked if I might be able to help her.

I found a Microsoft Word® December 2011 calendar. I had to modify it a bit. I changed the colors to white background and black lines and lettering throughout. I also shifted it to landscape orientation and added a "Baby Jesus in the Manger" kind of picture for the 25th. (Copy of modified file available here.)

I had to do a little finagling of the chocolates to make them fit . . . and to make them appear as if they had some deliberate pattern to them. We used every piece of chocolate in the bag. (The red Santas indicate expected birthdate for Natalia's younger sibling . . . and Jesus' [commemoration day] birthday.)

A little hot glue and . . . voila!

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