Saturday, May 14, 2011

A unique vision

Daughter Amy has been posting some amazing descriptions of life on the farm--the gut-wrenching challenges as well as the joys. But in the middle of one of her posts, she mentioned some new photos they had taken of themselves and their farm.

I was astonished by the color . . . the vision . . . the photographer brought to the project. I mean, I have never seen Amy and Phil laugh the way the photographer got them to laugh (scroll down a bit).

And then I went to the second link Amy provided--to the series of photos that the photographer somehow took at her own wedding. How did she do that? Not only how did she get the pictures snapped, but . . . let me just say I have never seen someone use color, focus and light in such a sustainedly creative manner. Clearly, she has a unique photographic vision.

And I, for one, enjoy it!

VERY impressive.
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