Monday, May 02, 2011

No!!! . . . I can't believe this! . . . The birth certificate from h*ll! It just keeps coming back.

So last night I receive a response to my first post on Obama's birth certificate.

Forget the PDF layers. Why is Obama's registration number out of sequence (higher number than that of two others who were born and registered after his birth)?
The Big Question now is what is the reg'n number for Virginia (Tamyia) Sunahara, born on that day. One site w/ a lot of info:
My respondent continues:
[S]suppose Obama is actually NOT qualified. What would actually happen? Would the US Supreme Court (current makeup!) vote to impeach him? Probably civil war before that. Why start civil war over this? There's plenty of other things far worse going on... and I doubt we'll have a civil war over any of it.
My thoughts: There probably won't be a full-fledged civil war over this. At least not over this, per se. But if the birthers were found to be correct all along--at least, if they were to be proven correct within the nearer rather than the longer-distant future, I expect several "heads will roll" in the federal government.

I mean, who is supposed to vet presidential candidates? Who failed to do his or her job? Who authorized the failure? Who said, "Stop looking?"

And what might it do to political relations if, indeed, it were found that the one side, who consistently and forcefully denied any hanky-panky, were to be found to have been wrong all along?


And in case you don't notice within the linked article--I had not heard this one before, and I didn't catch it the first time I read the article:
We know that Obama has been using a social security belonging to Jean Paul Ludwig who died in June of 1981 in Hawaii.
So birthers are now claiming Obama has been using someone else's Social Security number?!?

No big deal, you say? That's a felony (see, especially, subsection (7))!

But what is this? Wikileaks 2? More fraudulent "information" (that is no information at all) from the web?

Anyone who has absolute trust in Obama's trustworthiness who has been able to find a counter-balance to these charges?

As I said above, I didn't even know people were raising these charges and I couldn't find any decent opposing evidence in the time I allotted to this story. . . .
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