Friday, April 08, 2011

Milking a cow . . .

I am not a farm boy. I have never lived on a farm. I have visited a couple of farms for a few hours, total, in all my life. Until two weeks ago.

So much of what I observed on Amy & Phil's farm was really rather brand-new to me. And wondrous.

Even very mundane things . . . like milking a cow.

What does that look like?

Well, I found out on a glorious morning about a week and a half ago. The sun was golden, the air still filled with mist as Amy stopped by the RV where I was sitting and prepared to walk down the hill to milk their one lactating cow, Bianca, a milking Devon. (Bianca is named after a singer with a very loud voice; Bianca the cow has a very loud voice!).

I waited to begin videotaping until we were at the bottom of the hill and Amy had caught Bianca.

You'll have to turn up your speakers to hear the vocal interplay between Amy and Bianca.

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