Thursday, April 07, 2011


I had the privilege, the last two weeks, to spend extended time with our oldest daughter, her husband, and their four sons on their budding farm in Esmont, VA. My primary reason for being there was to plant 1,000 chestnut trees and 28 fruit (primarily peach) trees on the property "next door" to Amy and Phil. By hand. In a little over a week.

I wound up extending my stay by three days. The week-and-a-day I had planned on was just not enough time.

While I was there, however, I stayed with the Lykoshes in an RV Phil's parents have left on the property for their use. Since Amy cooks and, at least during less-than-ideal weather, the family eats in the RV, I had the privilege of sharing some fairly significant time with everyone. More, I imagine, than I have been able to spend at just about any other time in the decade that Amy and Phil have been married.

I thought this video I took while recovering from a long and muscle-wearying day was humorous and worth sharing: the way 2- and 4-year-old grandsons might show their love to their grandfather . . . and how a grandpa--this grandpa, anyway!--might show his love to his grandsons.

I was sitting in an easy chair, legs propped on the couch on the opposite side of the RV. Joe got up on the couch and started doing face-plants into my legs with wild abandon.

Only after about five or ten minutes of this did I get the idea that maybe I should take a movie. . . .

Anyone else see grandkids do this kind of thing?

Kind of unbelievable to me, actually.

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