Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who knew?

Amy asked me to do some research for her.

She said she and her husband Phil are in need of a sprayer for their tractor--something that will provide foliar feed for their plants and trees.

I asked her for a few more specs: How big should it be (capacity)? Did they want something they could drag behind or . . . ??? Should it be self-powered, or work from the tractor's PTO (power takeoff)? --Does their tractor even have a PTO?

She answered all my questions, but I realized I still didn't know exactly what kind of tractor they own. But I thought I knew how to find out, without bugging Amy.

I thought I had seen a photo of their tractor recently on her blog. So I looked and found the following:

Let's see. That looks like a New Holland 120(???)!

Is it?

I decided to Google new holland 120 and see what I found.

Oh! I was surprised.

I'm not sure what motivated me to click on the YouTube link, but I did.

That tractor looked very different from what Phil was driving.

But, then, that video led to another . . . and another . . . and another.

Oh! I was in a very different world, indeed!


Which led to . . .

(Yow! Two things: 1) Apparently New Holland may actually come from the Netherlands. I wouldn't have thought that until I saw a Dutch video of a New Holland tractor trick driving contest. 2) There are crazy people all over the world! --And I'm not just talking about the farmer who would risk his expensive tractor for the sake of a few seconds of "glory" driving on two wheels at a 45 degree angle. I'm talking about the audience as well who stood their ground as he made tracks toward them.)

And then this, which is an actual accident:

And then a whole bunch of tractor accidents. I mean nasty ones!

You wonder how some of these kinds of things can occur! What was the person doing when he got himself into some of these situations?

I guess the point is: Be careful out there. Even monster farm equipment is far from invincible!
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