Thursday, December 23, 2010

Math for the pure joy of it . . .

The visuals and commentary are about two times too fast for me to follow with great understanding, and I don't want to take the time now to re-watch these videos so that I can understand exactly what she is talking about, but Vi Hart reminded me of a joy I used to experience many, many years ago. For various reasons, I abandoned the pursuit. It gives me pleasure to see that others, however, think along these lines. I never doodled the way she does, but I used to find patterns like these rather fascinating.

[Please note that I have embedded YouTube versions of two of her videos here in my blog--just to attempt to entice you to actually watch one or both of them. BUT . . . if you want to understand them and really get "into" them, I encourage you to follow the text links . . . because she provides useful Wikipedia links that explain the more technical terminology and concepts. The text links will also bring you to her website that includes a lot of truly remarkable videos and technical (and not-so-technical) papers . . . about math and music and . . . well . . . art . . . and things of beauty . . . and lots of other stuff.]

Thanks, Luke, for the originating link that led to the video that led me to check out Vi's website:

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