Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interesting--and disturbing--perspective on Iran . . .

Please ignore the fact that it's part of a (very long) advertisement. I think the primary story of a 1,354-year-old conflict that looks as if it is just now about to break out into all-out war is rather compelling.

Please go to this page. As soon as the video begins to load, click on the "x" in the tab control for your internet browser as if you intend to close the window. You will be given the opportunity to read the document rather than have to wait interminably for a voice-over to narrate it to you as it shows you each line in video form. (Trust me: unless you read at some horrendously slow pace, you will do much better reading the key information on your own!)

You want to hit the "Cancel" option in the "Confirm" screen that will pop up ["Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" --No. You don't. You must want to read the page rather than have to listen to the boring voice-over video.]

So click "Cancel" and then do a search for The Murder That's About to Change the World.

Start reading there.

It's a great story well written.

. . . Again, I am not recommending the sales copy or the investment services that are touted beginning immediately after the story.

I am just saying I think the story itself is probably well worth you trouble to read.

Personally, I'd quit where the author says,

Iran is ready to assert its place in the world. Think Japan or Germany in the 1930s. The threat is there, it's large, and it's not going away anytime soon.

How the world responds, we can't know.
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