Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visual effects

Ah! I love this site. Every now and then the author includes something I'd prefer not to look at. But most of the optical illusions he offers are well worth the pondering.

I have added his iGoogle gadget to my iGoogle page so when I (rarely) visit it, I am reminded to re-visit my old friend. (He has a bunch of gadgets/widgets for other services as well:

But here are a few optical illusions I came across today as I wandered my way through a few of his pages:
  • See the guys?

  • Let's see . . . you've got a tree . . . and some birds . . . and . . . what else?

    . . . See the fish? And . . . what is it? A gorilla? And a bear . . . a cheetah?

    --If you can't find all the animals, how about finding the dogs that the Mira Foundation provides to help blind people. Then I'm sure you will find the animals in the Pittsburgh Zoo logo:

  • And how about the bear in honor of Berne, Switzerland, the hometown of Toblerone Chocolate--whose logo bug you see here:
    Hidden Bear in Toblerone Chocolate

  • But this entire series was brought to my attention by the over-the-top post about the Bible-reading robot in the Chicago Bulls' logo.

--If you are reading this on Facebook, the original is from my John's Corner Blog.
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