Wednesday, September 02, 2009

An opportunity to make a significant difference in an entire people group

Last Wednesday, we mailed (snail-mail) a print copy of this letter to all current and recent-past Sonlight customers. It was bulk-mailed, so only a few people may have received it by now. Most should get it in the next week or two.

Want to join us in the adventure? Read the letter and then click on through to the Sonlight/OneVerse site! We'd love to have you join us . . . even if it's "only" for the learning experience. (Though how much nicer to participate in the adventure of helping to provide a complete New Testament or two in a language (or languages) that currently have no Scripture!)

PS: By the way: you can go here to see a map that shows where many of the Sonlighters (and/or others!) who have signed up for the Sonlight/OneVerse project live. --Pretty cool!
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