Friday, August 14, 2009

Something funny from where I am

It's Saturday morning here in Thailand. Last night, and a few nights ago, Sarita and I went to the "Night Market"--a huge, open-air, bazaar-like affair held on the streets around a certain part of town where we are.

Unbelievable deals. Most legal. Some illegal. (Like the 100-baht DVDs of first-run movies. --Even the latest Pixar film, Up, is available. 100 baht for one; six for 500 baht . . . and that's before any negotiating. --I decided not to negotiate because I decided we wouldn't buy.)

But one of the "funner" things we ran across: T-Shirts.

My favorites, two or three designs based on the "Darwin series."

One: "Stop Following Me." There were actually two designs that used this phrase.

One looked like this:

(Photo here from

But another one, my favorite, featured the same basic series with the guy in front not appealing to his "followers," as seen above, but in which he is giving the guy behind him a karate kick to the stomach.


And then there was the "Something, somewhere went terribly wrong" t-shirt:

I'm afraid I can identify with this latter one. A bit too much. (Photo here courtesy of
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