Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brilliant insight

Hopefully, when you read this, Sarita and I will be close to home. I am writing it, however, on Saturday morning (Thai time), in the last couple of hours before we take off.

I was reading the latest edition of Sonlight's semi-weekly newsletter, the Beam of Sonlight.

One of my favorite parts of the paper is the Humor section--usually a mom's observation concerning something one of her kids has said or done.

This week's, I thought, was brilliant:
My son told me that there are three uses for the word "we."

In normal usage, we means you and I. Then there's the royal we which kings use to mean I. Last is the maternal we which means you, as in "We need to clean our room."
Ah, yes!

I would say he is brilliant, highly observant, a great grammarian. He certainly understands his pronouns!

His mom said, simply, "That kid has a wicked wit."

Okay. I'll go with that.
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