Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Write rhymes

Lack the perfect rhyme? Check out WriteRhymes:

Copy the word you want to rhyme into the box on their page, then hold down the Alt key while you click on the word itself. The word will suddenly appear with caret symbols ("Greater than" and "Less than" signs) on both sides, and WriteRhymes will offer rhymes sorted alphabetically and by number of syllables.

Better yet (and this seems to be the developers' intention), compose your poem in the window itself, and when you are stuck, Alt-click on the word for which you want a rhyme, place your cursor where you want the rhyme to appear,


then click on the rhyme itself,

and the rhyme will appear within your poem:


I'm not sure this is the most efficient or effective way of writing poems, but I can see its value as a tool in the poet's arsenal. I can also see how it would serve as a great brain exerciser and vocabulary builder.
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