Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MathTacular! --Sometimes it's a lot of fun to own a company

Our son, the video production guy, sent us some proposed trailers for a couple of math videos he just completed and that are just now coming available at our homeschool site.

Sarita asked him to create a quick-and-dirty trailer . . . which he did . . . and then asked us for our feedback: "How is this for a Trailer? Good to post?"

Here's what he sent. [If you're short on time, you may want to skip this video, though it's only a very short 50 seconds.]

What do you think?

I wrote back:
Ummmm . . . really cute, but I'm afraid it doesn't really say anything. For those "in the know," of course, it may generate some saliva. But for anyone else, it only raises questions and certainly does not create in me any--any--interest to buy. You've given me no reason to buy.

Perhaps you need a voice-over? And/or some words on the screens interspersed between the moving pictures?

One last concern: in the last scene, just before Justin runs out the door, Amber is standing there holding some kind of sign. I couldn't read it. I don't think anyone else will be able to read it either.


And I was. I hate telling my kids that I don't think they've done a great job.

But then, this morning, I got a second email:
And this was attached:

Same video, as far as I can tell upon a cursory glance, but, oh, wow! What a difference a voice-over makes!

"That is GREAT!" I wrote back.
Perfect! Wonderful! I love it! Thank you!

(Mom says she already said much the same thing. But. Just in case.)

Truly. I laughed out loud . . . and was intrigued by the real content you provided.
And then tonight.

I got home and saw he had sent a third email:
This one good enough to post?
And he attached this video:

Oh, wow!

I laughed out loud!

I replied:
Love it, Luke!

Really great!

As I said in my title: Sometimes it's a lot of fun to own a company . . . to see and experience and encourage excellent creativity early on . . . to see your own kids (both Luke and Justin) blossom in their individual areas of capability.

--Just thought you might enjoy the smile along with me.

Oh. And just in case you'd like to pick up a copy of either or both videos, MathTacular2 is available at www.sonlight.com/RM33.html, and MathTacular3 at www.sonlight.com/RM37.html.
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