Monday, September 15, 2008

"Phishing" site?

Maybe it's a result of my Ghoughpteighbteau tchoghce post or something. The reference to ghoti and tchoghs? McAfee SiteAdvisor has now declared my site a potential phishing risk.


I collect no information on anyone.

This is surreal.

Have I been hacked somehow? Google, maybe? Yahoo? . . .

I have just written to McAfee:
Subject: False and ineradicable "Phishing" warning
URL this concerns:
User ID: brightflash
Type of inquisry: Report an error
Your message:
My blog has been marked, somehow, as a potential phishing site?!?!!

I have registered with your firm, but, then, I can't confirm I am owner of my own site because, of course, using, I have no access to the root directory in order to place your requested html file in my root directory. . . .

In fact, frankly, the instructions you-all seem to give in order for me to confirm I own the site appear, to me, to be a kind of hack from you!


How do I get my (what I have always intended to be!) innocuous blog taken off of your "phishing" list? . . . Especially since it appears your firm has never even reviewed my blog. . . .
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