Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Maybe we should simply change her birth certificate."

Yep. That's what Dave and Jonelle told me last night they had been thinking as a result of how I have been spelling our new granddaughter's name.


"Yes. It's spelled N-a-t-a-l-i-a," they told me. "We asked Pavica at work. [Pavica--pronounced PAH-veets-uh--comes from Bosnia.] We figured she would have a better handle on how the name should be spelled, since she is more from that part of the world . . . --We also looked it up online, and there are more Natalia's than Natalya's."


"But, Dad, you've sent the other spelling to so many thousands of people, we thought maybe we should just change her birth certificate. I mean, it's only $30. . . ."

"No. Let's leave her name the way it's supposed to be. . . . And I'll eat some humble pie."

So I owe Natalia and Jonelle and Dave a big apology. And a major apology to you, too, if you read any of my previous posts in which I incorrectly referred to Natalia by the name that is not on her birth certificate!
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