Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Automated translator errors

In anticipation of the Olympics, apparently, the Chinese hosts needed some computer help.

They got it. With humorous results.

In the blog post in which I first saw this photograph, the author comments,
Of all the poorly translated signs that can baffle English-speaking visitors to China, this one takes the cake for the most epic of all possible fails. And, as Dear Jane Sample notes, it’s also a good reason to invest in something more than a Web-based translator.

—Posted by David Griner

Someone responded to this post with the following:
OK, let's babelfish this blog from English to Dutch, and back:

"Of all badly translated signs that English-speaking person can bring visitors to China in the war, this one takes the cake for most epic of already is possibly lacking. And, since the bests nota' s of Jane Sample, it also is a good invest reason in something more than one Web-based translator."

And now a translation from English to Chinese, and back:

"All insufficient translation's symbol possibly baffles English visitor to arrive at China, this most adopts all possible defeat epic poem the cake. And, takes the dear Jennie sample note, it is also a sufficient reason investment is more than one based on Internet's translator in something."

And then someone took it further:
I like the English-Korean-English babelfish interpretation. Makes it a poem, almost.

In China the English use visitor poorly all will can break down, this of the indication which translates all has the cake for the epic poem of the failure which is possible most and goes. And, Jane sample which are valuable mainly, also invests the fact that in the silence is more web base interpretation is a good reason.

- Bead Griner arranges,

And someone else:
That is really great!

Reminds me of "All your base are now belong to us."
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