Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ethical lapses, #2

I quit my last post and realized I need to give "equal time."

In this week's The Economist, there is an article about the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Joseph Biden. Talk about ethical lapses!
HIS first run for the presidency collapsed, in 1987, after a bizarre act of plagiarism. Bizarre because Joe Biden not only borrowed the words of another politician, Neil Kinnock, the leader of the British Labour Party. That is par for the course in modern politics. He borrowed his life-story, too.

He claimed that he was the first Biden to go to university and that his ancestors had worked down a coal mine, both untrue. The only thing he did not claim was to be Welsh.

I am, absolutely, sick of "politics- and politicians-as-usual."

Why can't we get someone who will speak the truth?


Sarita, a pretty solid Republican, wanted to "pile on" in behalf of Palin, and so, when I mentioned Biden, she said, "Yeah. And look at Clinton with his cheating on his wife. . . ."

"The only problem is," I replied, "if you look back through American history, it appears that many, many of our presidents were skirt-chasers and womanizers. It's just that, back then, the press didn't report on such matters."

"But it doesn't make it right!" she said. "And if they are willing to cheat on their wives . . ."

Yes. And amen.
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