Friday, March 23, 2007

A visual palindrome?

I love palindromes--words or phrases that can be read forwards or backwards:
  • Mom

  • Dad

  • Pup

  • Madam

  • Ma'am

  • . . . And so forth.

If you are willing to excuse the intervening punctuation, you can find some pretty amazing palindromes:

  • Madam, I'm Adam. [What Adam said to Eve upon first meeting.]

  • A man, a plan, a canal: Panama. [To the Honor of Ferdinand De Lesseps, the great canal builder of the 19th century (he is the one who led the Suez Canal building, and the man who conceived the Panama Canal but had to give it up due to overwhelming obstacles).]

But when I saw this in the latest issue of MultiChannel Merchant, I was duly impressed:

[Click on the image itself to see it full size.]

I'm so bummed they don't seem to have reproduced the image in their online version of the article to which it was attached!

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