Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ghost of a logo past . . .

I got surfing over to my son's Sonlight blog when I was shocked to see he had caught a photo of a ghost. I had missed the ghost myself. I was in the wrong place last Thursday when it revealed itself. (I was at home, nursing some kind of gastrointestinal problem.) But there it was: proof positive. A ghost. At Sonlight.

"We've been in the process of doing a major Sonlight brand overhaul for a couple years now," Luke wrote.
This has been further influenced by our 20th Anniversary. 20 years of serving the homeschool community. 20 years of improving our product. 20 years of leading in excellent literature-rich homeschooling.

But today, a physical change occurred here at Sonlight: Our old logo was removed from the building.

This will be replaced with our new logo. . . .

There's something almost melancholy--pensive--about this moment. Change, for all its excitement, leaves something behind... like the ghostly shadow of the logo that is being scraped off the building's facade even as I type.
I never thought about it until he mentioned the fact: Besides some old Sonlight logo-wear that many of us still own, our building's facade probably was the last place our old logo has remained in use. All our boxes, emails, catalogs . . . everything has switched to a version of the new logo. So Luke's photo may, indeed, be the last fading sight of the old logo as it goes into that long goodnight. . . .

Someone asked: So what does the new logo look like?

Luke noted that we've actually been using it for the last year. But as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year (2010), even the new logo has been specially adorned for the event.

The only place you can currently find the new logo without adornment (though only in monochrome) is on the masthead of this past year's catalog . . . a catalog that is still good for another month-and-a-week:


Thank you, Luke, for getting that shot of a fading image! . . . And maybe this coming week we'll have a photo of the new logo in place on the building.
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