Thursday, October 29, 2009

World record holders

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Sonlighters. After all, if nothing else, they are customers of our family's company. But there's more to it than mercenary interest, you may be sure! For some reason, Sarita and I "just" sense they are, most of them anyway, "kindred spirits."

But the two kids I'm about to tell you about go way beyond "kindred." I have no hope of ever competing with their unique talents!

Take 15-year-old Mason Pelt, for example, caught on video juggling five balls while jumping no-handed on a pogo stick. His feat has been accepted as a world record by the Universal Record Database (URDB):

After Mason's mother posted about the pride she holds for her son's achievement, Linda in MN noted that, while her son is not the record-holder, he participated in a world record-breaking event: Dave Schulte breaking the record for the "fastest time to knock a coin off the ear of 15 participants with a yo-yo." Linda's son is the third-from-the-last young man in the red shirt and black strap across his chest.

Pretty impressive!

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