Saturday, February 28, 2009

Should be interesting . . .

Mark Looy, Chief Communications Officer for Answers in Genesis, has sought to clarify what happened that led to the events that inspired me to write my "Honesty . . . it's such a lonely word . . ." post yesterday morning (click on the link, then do a search on Mark Looy).

But in his comment, he didn't merely clarify the history. He pleaded for a more biblical response to disagreements or mistakes or failings such as what I and some others pointed out.

I am all about obeying Scripture. May it be!

I am all about confessing my sins and shortcomings when and as I need to.

I am also all about honesty and integrity.

And with that in mind, I invite you to read my response to Mr. Looy (scan a few comments down from Mr. Looy's comment to me).

I look forward to receiving his reply.

And if you have some suggestions about how I might have done better in the current situation, or how I might do better in the future, or what kind of personal "policy decisions" I might adopt to ensure a more biblical response in the future, I would be very grateful.
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