Sunday, February 08, 2009

Perspectives on an Evolving Creation, 1 - Introduction

I continue to read about evolution.

Both the Haarsmas and Glover included numerous references to Perspectives on an Evolving Creation edited by Keith B. Miller, a collection of 21 essays written by some 19 orthodox Christian scholars.

The book is broken into three parts: a discussion of the biblical, historical and scientific context for thinking of the world in terms of an evolving creation; the scientific evidence for an evolving creation; and, finally, a discussion of the philosophical and theological issues commonly raised in connection with discussions of evolution.

In his preface, Miller writes:
This book should be a valuable resource for anyone interested in science/faith issues--particularly those surrounding evolution. It provides access to perspectives and data from a wide range of disciplines, as well as an entry into an extensive and, for the most part, little-known literature. The book should be an especially important resource for Christian college and university students. Often students are seriously challenged with evolutionary concepts for the first time in their college classes. This can be a crisis experience for students who do not have any Christian models of faith/science integration to draw from. . . .

While all are Orthodox Christians with a high view of Scripture, the contributors to this volume represent a relatively diverse range of theological views. There are significant differences of opinion among us. The views expressed by any individual author thus do not necessarily represent the views of all, or even the majority of, those Christians who accept an evolutionary description of Earth and life history. But they all represent well-informed and thoughtful integrations of science and faith that respect the authority of Scripture and the integrity of the scientific enterprise.
I would agree with this description.

It is my intent, over the coming days, weeks, and, possibly, months, to share some of the things that I find most interesting in this book as I read it. So I expect I will just jump in. "See you" in a little bit.
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