Friday, January 02, 2009


I spent yesterday cleaning my desk . . . after months of accumulation. Actually, I didn't quite clear eve3n a 2-1/2' x 2-1/2' space on my desk. There's still some debris left. (Very frustrating that it takes so long to work through papers!)

Anyway. Last night I came upon another Acts & Facts from the Institute for Creation Research. This one, the December 2008 issue.

The opening editorial talked about a 90% complete juvenile Edmontosaurus skeleton the Institute purchased recently.

Dr. John Morris, the author of the article, noted,
The Edmontosaurus fossil that ICR purchased was offered at auction here in Dallas, but it had no bidders. ICR was able to negotiate a substantially reduced price, for which we are thankful. The auction brochure described the skeleton as “mounted on a beautifully designed minimalist base, custom fitted with high quality castors for ease of mobility.” The base was described as “intelligently designed.”
I thought he had to be kidding. Or maybe not. Perhaps it was an unrecognized irony on the part of the copywriter. . . . Or a deliberate play on the phrase (considering the context!).

Whatever, I thought it was ironic.

Morris continued:
Isn’t it interesting that anyone can recognize evidence of design except for those who evaluated this intricate skeleton? It evolved, according to evolutionary thinking, by random mutation and mindless natural selection, with no intelligence involved.
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