Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fishing off a bridge in Istanbul

On Friday, April 20th, we had the privilege of walking around Istanbul. I spent the day with M. Having lived in the city for many years, he had some ideas of where to go for good pictures.

"Now, look at this!" he exclaimed, as we headed toward the Galata Bridge.

A bunch of men were deeply involved in fishing off the bridge. Each one had a 3-meter-long pole.

I focused on this guy.

Oh! Oh! He's got one!

"Bring 'er in! Bring 'er in!"

Oh, yeah! See his catch? It's just visible over on the right!

No! Not just one fish. Can you count them?

. . . Click on the image and you'll see it full size.

I believe there are seven fish in this one catch!

. . . And so it went for most of the fishers. . . .

Here's an older guy cleaning his catch for the evening. . . .
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