Monday, January 01, 2007

More on goals . . .

As I wrote back on December 2, in "Defining One's Personal Mission: On- or Off-Purpose?," in The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense, Kevin McCarthy urges us to create 8 want lists: one list in each of the following areas:

  • Physical/Health/Recreation
  • Finance/Material Possessions
  • Family
  • Vocation/Career
  • Social/Community
  • Spiritual
  • Mental/Intellectual
  • Other
I think it's time for me to continue my list. I've already dealt with Physical/Health/Recreation, Finance/Material Possessions, and Family. So let me attempt "Vocation/Career."

This is a tougher area. Indeed, it's so tough, I'm afraid I'm not ready to approach it frontally. At least not here. Not yet.

I want to talk a bit about some things I got thinking about over the weekend--a little "pep talk," if you will, to get my nerve up. . . .

I've been reading a book that, to me, has a terrible title (I am embarrassed to associate myself with such a title) but great content. I purchased it not because of its title, subtitle, or cover art (at all), but out of respect for the man who wrote it, Dan Kennedy, and on the basis of strong recommendations from friends I respect.

Kennedy is one of the wisest marketers I know. The book I've been reading: No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting RICH. (As I said, not a title I want to be associated with!)

But Kennedy offers great advice . . . and great stories.

For the purposes of what I want to say here and, truly, for the purposes of what Kennedy has to say in his book, the idea of "wealth attraction" is really at the center of his message. As he says on p. 8: "The opposite of wealth attraction is wealth inhibition"
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