Sunday, December 03, 2006

Personal Wants

So I've been thinking about my "wants" as per Kevin McCarthy's urging in The On-Purpose Person.

I'm astonished at the results of my thinking.

First, out of the eight categories, I find myself "clear" in only one area: "Physical/Health/Recreation." And, really, only in the Physical/Health category.

I don't think much about physical recreation. I don't do physical recreation. At least not much. I enjoy going on walks with Sarita and riding our Greenspeed recumbent tandem trike. But we do that. We (or, should I say I?) don't want that in any yearning sense of the term. We just do it whenever the feeling strikes. . . .

But the second thing: Why am I unembarrassed to acknowledge my "wants" in the physical area, but in almost every other area of my life I am a bit embarrassed to acknowledge "wants"--as it's "unspiritual" or something, to "want." ("After all, aren't we supposed to be content with what we have . . . be open to wherever God leads . . . ?" --Philippians 4:11-12; 1 Timothey 6:6-8; etc.)

Third: . . . I'm not sure what is third.

I wonder to myself: Is it my wants that are so important? Shouldn't I be more concerned about what God wants? (Well, yes.) But, then . . . --Maybe I could (and should) say that my wants are along the lines of "whatever God wants"? . . . But that kind of answer permits me too much flexibility and open-endedness: I have no clear goal(s) to pursue. . . .
Very incomplete lists, but I thought I would begin. Just get a few thoughts out "on paper," as it were. . . .

  • Maintain my current weight.
  • [Secret desires; my doctor and I really question their legitimacy; but . . . !!!]:
    • Lose the five pounds necessary in order to meet the "official" value, at my height, of being non-"overweight."
    • Lose 10 to 15 pounds in order to be more truly "skinny" the way I used to be.
  • Maintain my current physical fitness levels.
  • Use the ROM/QuickGym six times a week--three times upper body, three times lower body--whenever I'm home and not deathly ill.
  • Maintain my sexual potency.
  • Maintain and/or improve physical appearance:
    • Get my teeth straightened.
    • Do something about the bags becoming more and more prominent under my eyes. . . .
Finance/Material Possessions






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