Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh, wow!

Get involved in trying to lance a boil [see this, too], and you might find more yuck than you had expected.

Kevin Swanson, as you may have discovered, speaks of the blogosphere as a cesspool. (Check out his January 22 post called "Billboards on the Electronic Highway.")

Maybe he and the CHEC leaders need to wake up to the warnings people are offering them . . . sometimes directly and sometimes not-so-directly.

This morning I received an indirect warning about some issues related to me.

After replying as best I could on the poster's blog, I decided to follow the link she provided.


Maybe this is all a lot of sewage. But the connections and integrity of the data tend to speak against such a view.

Looks as if I'd better follow the same methodology this latter blogger pursued in trying to amend a blog post while maintaining the integrity of her original post. It looks as if I need to do more to distance myself from men like this--even as many of them will, I'm sure, want to distance themselves more from me!

[ETA at 2:45PM on 2/2/09: The more I think about my last paragraph, the sicker I become about this entire subject. . . . Now it sounds as if I'm going to begin participating in "banning" kinds of behavior. --Blecch! "Hey, people! Can't we all just get along?" (Apologies to Rodney King.) I'm afraid not.]
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