Thursday, January 07, 2016

Buying Vs. Renting (A Home Buyer's Guide, Part 1)

An excellent first-order analysis of just one part of the mortgage question.

I've done some of these analyses myself and been shocked to see how truly awful most counsel is concerning paying off our mortgages. (You don't want to pay it down quickly! . . . But you do want to place your "extra" money--not spent on the mortgage--in a safe place . . . like, for starters, high cash value [i.e., just below the MEC line], participating, whole life insurance with a PUA rider. . . .) And then, once you have built your safe money base, you want to use the "excess" cash in your policy [beyond the safe money base] to invest in safe, cash-flowing investments that will give you at least high single- if not low double-digit returns.)

More on these other items at another time.

For now, however, check out Kim Butler's Buying Vs. Renting (A Home Buyer's Guide, Part 1)

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