Friday, November 25, 2011

Ron Paul v. all the other candidates . . .

Just received this from Ron Paul this morning. I thought it worth passing along:
If you missed Tuesday night’s debate on CNN, there’s something you need to know.

All seven of my opponents stood up on stage and applauded Big Government - asked for more of it, in fact.

So your choice is clear.

With just over five weeks left until voters begin going to the polls, if you want a President who will FIGHT for less government and lower spending, then I must ask for your support right away.

You see, Newt Gingrich – who previously warned of the dangers of the Patriot Act - now wants it expanded.

He wants amnesty, too – to keep American citizens footing the bill for government services for illegal immigrants.

The others were falling all over themselves to launch more undeclared TRILLION-dollar wars on Iran, or perhaps Pakistan, or maybe even Syria.

Of course, they all want more military spending, even though we’re already spending almost one TRILLION dollars per year – an amount nearly equal to what the entire rest of the world spends!

But that certainly hasn’t stopped the chicken-little stories from my opponents about supposed “defense cuts”!

Even Mitt Romney tried to pull the wool over our eyes.

I set him straight. NOTHING is being cut in Washington. PERIOD.

Believe me, I’ve tried!

All Congress is arguing about is how much to increase spending.

But when hundreds of billions of dollars just aren’t “enough” for my opponents’ favorite agencies, their answer is to howl in pain.

John, isn’t this the game the liberals play?

I guess we’ve learned to expect as much over the years from them.

But isn’t it downright disgusting when Republican candidates for President stoop to that level?

After all, we’re over $15 TRILLION in debt.

When are my opponents going to get serious?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s lacking in these debates so far – seriousness.

And that’s why the establishment of BOTH parties is so scared of me.

You see, they know I am serious about balancing the budget in three years.

They know I will cut ONE TRILLION in spending my first year.

And they know NONE of their sacred cows are safe.

If we don’t need it or can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter what department of government we’re talking about.

Sure, the establishment will scream and holler that we need MORE money to keep our country safe.

But the simple fact is, if we had a constitutional foreign policy – and if we stopped nation-building and policing the world - our nation would be much safer and spend much LESS money at the same time.

Our troops understand that fact.

That’s why I’ve received more money from members of the military than all of my Republican opponents COMBINED.

But sadly, my establishment opponents just don’t seem to get it.

They want more spending, more government, and more debt.

You and I both know we can’t afford politics as usual any longer.

You and I both know maintaining the big spending, Big Government status quo will only lead to our nation’s ruin.

But I’m the ONE candidate who is serious about fixing our problems.

I’m the ONE candidate who will change our foreign policy to strengthen our national defense while ending these wars.

I’m the ONE candidate who will fight to end welfare to illegal immigrants AND secure our border.

And I’m the ONE candidate who will take power BACK from government, not scream to give more to it. . . .

My campaign is in crunch time right now.

As I mentioned, it’s just over five weeks until voters start going to the caucuses and polls to begin selecting the next Republican nominee for President.

In these final weeks, my campaign is launching an all-out voter contact blitz with TV ads, direct mail, and boots on the ground in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

With polls showing me statistically tied for first in Iowa and clearly in second in New Hampshire, you and I must make our big push right now.

So please make your most generous contribution TODAY to my campaign.

Whatever you can give, I’ll put to IMMEDIATE use getting my message of liberty to the voters.

We’re so close. I believe the time is right, and you and I have the message to win.

So please make your most generous contribution TODAY!

Together, we can Restore America Now!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Every one of my opponents during Tuesday night’s debate was demanding more government.

Some are even falsely claiming military spending is being cut!

But the only thing being debated in Washington, D.C. right now is how fast spending will increase!

I’m the only candidate in this race who is serious about cutting spending. And if we don’t need it or can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter what department it’s in.
Boy. The media gives everybody else and his brother coverage. Ron Paul is ignored. And yet he is really and truly in contention? What is "the story behind the story" of his being ignored? (Like the "90 seconds" story from two weeks ago.)
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