Monday, October 10, 2011

Whoa! Where'd this guy come from?!?

I had never heard of Herman Cain before this afternoon/evening. I saw an article about him and thought I would disagree: Cain: Wall Street Protesters 'Playing the Victim Card'. I thought: "No. There really are victims, here, and there are a bunch of very bad people on Wall Street."

But then I read the article. And I wondered: "Who is Herman Cain?" (Sorry. If you're at all into politics, I'm sure you wonder where my head has been for the last who-knows-how-many weeks. . . . But I have confessed in the past: Even though I often write about political things, I am really not into politics. I really don't enjoy politics. So I'm behind the times. Forgive me.)
Herman Cain, a one-time pizza magnate and tea party conservative, is surging in GOP polls, partly because of his unabashed criticism of the Wall Street protests.

Although the protests left many GOP contenders tongue-tied at first as they tried to gauge which way the wind was blowing, Cain didn't hesitate in condemning the incipient protests as an attack on American capitalism.

He accused the anti-Wall Street protesters of being jealous of other people's money and turning themselves into victims.

"Part of it is jealousy. I stand by that," Cain said on the CBS program "Face the Nation" Sunday. "And here's why I don't have a lot of patience for that: My parents, they never played the victim card. My parents never said that we hope the rich people lose something so that we can get something.

"No. My dad's idea was I want to work hard enough so that I can buy a Cadillac, not take somebody else's," said Cain, a former chairman and chief executive officer of Godfather's Pizza and a former deputy chairman and chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mo. . . .

Cain, 65, whose come-from-way-behind campaign has been conducted largely via television, presents himself as destined for victory: His new memoir is called “This Is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.”

Now, in the run-up to Tuesday’s Republican debate in New Hampshire, Cain is being pressed on his so-called 9-9-9 tax plan — a flat 9 percent rate on corporate and personal income and a national sales tax — his criticism of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and his lack of experience in public office.

“Get ready for an aberration of historic proportion,” Cain said in an interview Sunday during “State of the Union” on CNN. “People who are criticizing me because I have not held public office, they are out of touch with the voters out there.”

On Sunday, Cain said that "it's anti-American because to protest Wall Street and the bankers is basically saying that you're anti-capitalism." . . .

Cain also has refused to back down from comments he has repeatedly made about African Americans who vote for Democrats being “brainwashed.”

In an address at the Virginia Family Foundation’s annual gala, a fundraising event that drew about 1,100 people to the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Cain said he had majored in math but “never took a course in political correctness." . . .
Whoa! Talk about politically incorrect! Yeah! I guess!

But who is this guy?

The article said his "mother was a domestic and his father a chauffeur." --Is he black? (How else could he get away with making such racist [or, at least, race-based] remarks?)

I decided to do a Google search on him.

Yeah. I'm out of touch.

Yes. He is black. Wow! Bully for him! I mean, to go from his roots, to such high reaches of business and commerce. A true leader against the tide. (At 65 today, he would have been just coming into young adulthood as Martin Luther King, Jr. was making waves. . . .)

I found his campaign website. Well done. And then a link to this video:

Yowzie! He and his team are pulling no punches.

So where are his weak spots? While he comes across as an outsider, is he a bit too much of an "insider" what with his ties to the Federal Reserve? Is he too tied-in to Big Business and Corporate Agriculture and Big Pharma to clean out the cesspool at the USDA and FDA that is contributing to the growing health crisis in America associated with obesity?

Talk to me!

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