Saturday, September 24, 2011


I've been away for the last 19 days. I spent 16 days just east of Athens in Greece at a permaculture course. Mind-blowing, devastating and yet exciting stuff. And a wonderful cross-cultural experience for me. My classmates were mostly Greeks, but there were also . . .
  • Two men from Switzerland--one from the German area, one from the French;
  • A man from Canada;
  • A woman from the UK (Britain);
  • A woman from Uruguay;
  • An Italian;
  • A German (from Bavaria); and (I think this is all)
  • me--from the U.S.
Our instructor is from Australia. He came with his two younger children (10- and 9-years old) and they were eventually joined by his wife and eldest daughter.

Hopefully I'll post about some of my observations and thoughts over the weeks to come. I have no doubt I will be posting about permaculture, though I think that should go on a separate blog, yet to be created.

It's nice to be home!
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